A fully customizable closing system, consisting of two lateral guides that delimit its movement, and a motor built into the very structure without the need to provide extra room for installation.
Its structure, based on aluminium guides, facilitates the installation of any type of covering in order to obtain a completely homogeneous exterior.
The covering of the frame is a choose of the customer.
Main characteristics:
- The system allows the use of (almost) any material to integrate with the project, its base is essentially an aluminum frame that accepts any covering, totally customizable.
- It can be installed inside the wall or on the surface: the side guides are integrated into the window frame without taking up any space. Installation is easy and quick. (Approximately one hour per window).
- It lifts vertically thanks to a motor (hidden in the axis itself) that allows the window to be locked in position at the desired height and has a strong system that guarantees its resistance. No extra space is needed on top or any register box.
- Since it is a custom-made product, it adapts perfectly to any type of project, being able to define it already in an advanced phase of work.

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