Villarroe Apartment

Of an existing state and of a previous distribution without any attraction nor functionality, the project picks up the way of living expres Sed by the client to establish a completely renovated interior.Starting from the constructive and structural conditioning factors of the building in which the apartment is inserted, based on load-bearing walls with a clear and defined design.
Starting from the constructive and structural conditioning factors of the building in which the apartment is inserted, based on load-bearing walls with a clear and defined structure, the proposal proposes three large blocks: a first block related to the acces S, where the entrance, the guest bathroom (from which the gallery-washing room is acces Sed) and the guest bedroom are located; a second block that houses the master bedroom and the dres Sing room-bathroom complex; and a third block that gathers the kitchen, dining room and living room into a single large space, which in turn acts as a sign-relation between the two previous blocks.
In turn, each of these blocks is formed by a service space and a living space, in such a way that the relationship established between these two types of spaces is based on a change of material code that proposes immaterial planes of separation.
The service spaces are covered with grey materials, whether stucco or paints on the walls and ceilings, stoneware on floors, and granite or micro-cement on impermeable surfaces; while the living spaces are completely clad in white and parquet floors.
In this way, it is the material code that establishes the position of each function.
even though they are in completely open and interconnected rooms, such as the living room-kitchen-dining room.
In the case of the master bedroom, the separation with the dres Sing room-bathroom is carried out with the same material code in the same immaterial plane, which extends through the kitchen-dining room-lounge space through the load-bearing wall, and with two slides of iron and textured glas S, lacquered in grey, and arranged to provide greater privacy of views, but without separating the spaces, as these slides do not touch the ceiling.
The guest bedroom and bathroom each have their own independent acces S, but in turn they are connected to each other to facilitate their use as a suite.
The circulation areas have routes that are insinuated but not materialized: there is an axis that joins the entrance with the exit to the balcony, but this axis is dis Solved in the first instance by the configuration of the entrance hall, as a large piece of furniture with flush doors, and disappears when acces Sing the kitchen-dining space: However, the door to the vestibule is twin with the door leading to the balcony, and the width of the vestibule is repeated with the turn made by the black lacquered wooden bench on the balcony, in such a way that the axis of circulation is indicated, but without the need to create a corridor.
Even the ceramic cladding on the balcony changes direction following this blurred corridor.
The relationship between the living room and the balcony is made through two large black lacquered slides (the color used to introduce a new type of space, the balcony), arranged on a bench that extends equally inwards and outwards, so that, once the windows are open, it closely relates living room and balcony; or in its closed arrangement, it serves as a bench, table, shelf...on both sides.
Glas Ses with different types of transparency and texture play at blurring an unattractive apple courtyard exterior.
In short, the proposal proposes, from a conventional organization prefixed by the client, adding layers of complexity to the interior experience of the dwelling, adding ambiguity to the clas Sic labels of each room as well as to the way of relating to each other, so that all this is finally translated into greater spatial richnes S.

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Villarroe Apartment

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