Switches & Sockets

Our switches and sockets make a comeback with upgraded features, keeping their sophisticated and timeless design intact, with up to 12 finishes, wide customisation options and all-round solutions. Discover the details that will set the difference in any project.

Details that shine on

Even better

The plates are made of solid aluminium or brass, and we have enhanced their technical features and customization options. The product’s solidity ensures a steady shape over time, making it more durable.

All-round solutions

The latest generation of internal components allows for a wide range of configurations to meet modern technological needs. Therefore, we offer a diverse selection of outlet add-ons and compatibility with home automation systems.

Modular layaout

You can choose between two types of switches: toggle or pushbutton. The panels come in sizes ranging from one to four modules, and are welded together to form a single piece. They can be displayed vertically or horizontally.

Customised finishes

We offer a vast range of customisation options, including metallic finishes, enamel finishes in white or satin black, and any colour from the RAL Classic® palette. We also provide a solid brass finish, which is a high-quality material that develops a natural patina over time, for a unique touch.

Visual consistency

Our selection of 12 finishes can be easily matched with other product lines in our catalogue, including taps, bathroom accessories, handles, or knobs.


We offer customisation options that include laser engraving or screen printing of signage icons to meet your specific needs.

Easy fit

Our switches and sockets are designed for easy installation, with adaptable fixtures that can be installed on any wall planimetry.


All of our products are handcrafted in Barcelona and made with components that are both separable and recyclable. This allows us to meet sustainability requirements at the end of their lifespan.