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Dröm Living - Hipólito Lázaro, 43

Dröm Living

Hipólito Lázaro, 43


Convert an old and damaged office premises into a home. We had to create a completely new distribution from scratch that included a bathroom, a bedroom, a dressing room, an open kitchen and a dining room. It was necessary to renovate all facilities and make new access to the terrace. The final result was wanted to respond strictly to the high aesthetic and functional expectations of those who would live there.


Radically change the original space to project a warm and bright interior that offers storage areas integrated into the design by performing an important space optimization work. Before starting the work we faced the tedious procedures necessary to make the change of use of premises to housing. Once successfully passed and the license was obtained, the reform could begin.


We design an open space, with minimalist lines and neutral colors that combine Scandinavian design elements with very industrial touches. Wood and cement dominate an environment that conveys sharpness and calm thanks to the pure white chosen for walls and part of the furniture. Bringing a touch of sophistication black makes an appearance in taps and decorative light points and the rattan and 100% natural fabrics complete a warm, bright and very comfortable atmosphere. Expanding access to the terrace and dispensing with doors in the different rooms was key to letting natural light flow throughout the home.

The new distribution divided the apartment into two distinct areas: the day, which integrates kitchen, dining room and living room in an open space with access to the terrace and the night that includes bedroom, also with access to the outside, bathroom and dressing room. The dividing wall between the two zones incorporates, in the access hall to the room, ample white cabinets, designed by Dröm Living, which go from floor to ceiling offering useful storage space and, on the side of the room, reserve space for a fireplace and for the TV.

The combination of materials and textures define the cosmopolitan personality of the home. On one of the walls of the living room, as well as on the wall of the head of the bed, in the dressing room and in part of the bathroom, wood and cement siding was used, a very warm, insulating and resistant material that impacts Its industrial appearance. For the pavement we chose the daring combination between a rustic laminate parquet with a warm tone, which was located in the living room and bedrooms, and a white hexagonal mosaic that goes from the entrance to the kitchen linking with the parquet. In the bathroom, as well as on the terrace, we opted for a porcelain imitation cement while for the shower a rectangular ceramic in matt white was used that contrasts with the rest of wood and cement plate walls. The faucet, as in the kitchen, matte black was chosen, with very minimalist lines, completing an elegant and balanced set.

Much of the furniture was custom designed by Dröm Living both in the bedroom, in the dressing room, in the bathroom and in the kitchen. This gives off its own personality with calacatta marble countertop, black faucet and a daring combination between very minimal white furniture and black industrial-inspired cabinets. Also in the living-dining room, industrial style furniture dominates with noble materials such as wood, iron and zinc. To achieve an atmosphere similar to that of daylight, recessed spotlights were used in all spaces that are combined with different points of light, industrial and Nordic, especially decorative.


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